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Rhodes - Afandou Beach

Embark on a seaside escape at Afandou Beach, a picturesque haven located a mere 5.8 kilometers from the doorstep of Villa Chrisa.

Afandou Beach, renowned as one of Rhodes' longest stretches of coastline, beckons with its natural beauty and crystalline waters tinted with the mesmerizing blues of the Mediterranean Sea.
This coastal gem not only provides well-equipped areas for sun-seekers but also offers quieter sections, allowing you to peacefully bask in the sun and enjoy the rhythmic waves. With three inviting beachside canteens and a selection of excellent taverns nearby, your culinary cravings are sure to be satisfied after a day of seaside bliss.

Conveniently nestled just 5.8 kilometers away from Villa Chrisa, Afandou Beach is an easily accessible retreat, making it the perfect destination for a day of sun-soaked relaxation against the stunning backdrop of the Aegean.