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Private Swimming Pool

Dive into Tranquility at Villa Chrysa's Private Pool!

Escape to your own oasis just steps away from the two cozy living rooms at Villa Chrysa. Our private pool, nestled in the back yard, offers complete seclusion, breathtaking views, and the perfect spot to soak up the sun.

  • Complete Privacy: Enjoy uninterrupted moments on your sunbed, surrounded by lush greenery, ensuring your relaxation remains undisturbed.
  • Stunning Views: Immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings as you bask in the sun. Our private pool area offers picturesque views that enhance your getaway experience.
  • All-Day Sunshine: Revel in the warmth of the sun throughout the day. Whether you're a morning swim enthusiast or a sunset admirer, our pool area caters to your preferences.
  • Wind-Free Retreat: Experience tranquility without the disturbance of strong winds. Our pool area is thoughtfully designed to provide a sheltered escape.

Indulge in the ultimate poolside experience at Villa Chrysa – where privacy meets panoramic views. Book your stay now and let the soothing waters and serene atmosphere elevate your retreat!