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Agathi Beach

Agathi Beach, a beautiful sandy beach just 20 kilometres from Villa Chrisa.

Located on the east coast of Rhodes, Agathi Beach is the perfect retreat for families and children. The soft, golden sand stretches along the coastline and invites you to relax in the sun. The special thing about Agathi Beach is its gentle, shallow water - ideal for families with children. The gentle slope makes it safe and pleasant for the little ones to splash and play in the sea. Parents can relax on the beach while keeping a watchful eye on their children. This enchanting beach offers a relaxed atmosphere that makes it a favourite spot for those seeking peace and quiet. The clear blue waters of the Aegean gently lapping against the shore offer a refreshing escape from everyday life.

With its convenient location just 20 kilometres from Villa Chrisa, Agathi Beach is a no-fuss destination for a day of sun, sea and smiles. Pack your beach gear and head to this family-friendly paradise for an unforgettable and relaxing experience